SeekOps has developed technology for detection, localisation and most importantly quantification of methane emissions from offshore and onshore oil and gas assets, using UAVs that encompass the full 3D dimensionality of an emissions plume.

SeekOps has engaged with oil and gas operators to ensure that our technology and processes meet their requirements for an accurate, robust, reliable, cost effective and safe solution.

SeekOps provides this service though its accurate, lightweight, and compact sensor technology deployed by best-in-class UAV service providers.

SeekOps has developed science-based processing techniques and algorithms that enable directly acquired methane concentration data to be modelled into localised and quantified methane emission rates.

In 2022 alone, SeekOps surveys performed for our clients globally have identified methane emissions of over 250,000 tons, which equates to over 6 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

This technology and processes meet the requirements of OGMP2.0 for top-down methane quantification.