BlueStreak CO2

BlueStreakCO2 is Joint Venture, (owned 50% by Navigator Gas and 50% by Bumi Armada), aiming to provide an end-to-end solution for carbon emitters to capture, transport, sequester and store their carbon dioxide emissions in line with the UK’s Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy.

By leveraging the expertise and experience of its principal shareholders, it is anticipated that BlueStreak CO2 will implement a chain of Shuttle Tankers delivering to a Floating Carbon Storage & Injection Unit (FCSIU). The complete value chain is expected to safely and efficiently transport and provide buffer storage of liquid CO2.

The captured CO2 will be injected into offshore storage aquifers and/or depleted oil and gas reservoirs in a controlled manner, with full surveillance and management of the permanent storage location. The BlueStreakCO2 Joint Venture will cater to the needs of emitters with no access to pipeline infrastructure, to effectively manage their CO2 emissions.

It is estimated that the potential market in the United Kingdom alone, is over 30 million tonnes of CO2 per annum from emitters who are not proximate to existing awarded carbon capture, usage and storage clusters.